A little bit about my background

Although my story is about my own life and experiences, when you hear about it and see me taking action you will have a mirror that will reflect your brilliance. You will have the evidence that you can do it, too; that you have endless possibilities; that you just have to choose how and at what level you will manifest your infinite potential; that you are resourceful enough in order to create whatever it is that you want to create in your life.

So allow me to share a bit about my story… 

I come from a very poor family in Romania. You know, people sometimes say that they were poor and weren’t even aware of it.

Trust me, our type of poor was impossible not to be aware of.

My mother, who was raising 5 children, had ONE goal. To be able to feed us TODAY.

“If you don’t like this food, then you won’t eat anything”, I used to hear almost daily. And sometimes I wouln’t eat anything. I was tired of rice with milk and plain bread with sugar.

Other things I used to hear a lot were “you can’t have all you want in life”, “people like us don’t succeed”, “be smart, but pretend to be stupid”, “in life you have to starve in order to make it”, “it is our faith to be poor”, “save money for rainy days”… and to be honest, “cheap” was a key word in my family.

The Road From Pizza Maker to International Speaker...

Before running a successful online business, travelling around the world, speaking on stage in 4 different languages across countries, working with thousands of clients in over 20 countries and dozens of different programs on business mindset and business building… before all the “luck”  that I have now… everything was different, to say the least.

I failed multiple times.

I struggled financially.

I doubted myself.

I had unhealthy habits.

I wish I could say that I started from scratch, but I actually started from minus…

I used to peel potatoes for a living after college, because that was what my programming told me I deserved.

So… from Peeling Potatoes, to Pizza Maker, to Starting a Successful MLM to then becoming a John Maxwell Team Faculty Mentor and then the President of Empowered Living Romania and Empowered Living Italy… all this by constantly doing the next possible step, even when the next step was to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in mentoring fees, travels to attend conferences or just meet a next future friend and build a strong network.

All this may sound unbelievable but you better believe it, because I am telling you, it is possible for you too! 😊

I may have the chance to share more about my story later, but my point is… if someone like me – coming from a very poor family in the Romanian countryside who used to peel potatoes for a living – can become an international speaker, with 3 businesses (in English, Italian and Romanian), have dozens of online programs, an email list of 100,000 people, half a million dollar revenue and thousands of clients everywhere in the world…

Guess what?! YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

How did that happen?


 List Building is definitely one of the main things that brought me where I am today and this is why I am so passionate about it and have been learning the ins and outs of it for several years now…

HOWEVER, I don’t want to make you believe this huge list and dream life is going to happen overnight!

I DO want to emphasize that IT IS REALLY WORTH the effort.

It is worth your time.

It is worth the late nights working.

The financial investments.

The struggle of learning new skills… the failures and getting out of the comfort zone.

The good news is…

I can totally help you! 

Are you a speaker, trainer, course creator?

If the answer to this question is a loud “YES”, trust me! You are in for a treat!

I have invested in over 20 courses on the List Building topic… and they are useful, they are good.

BUT most of them they don’t get specific enough because they are talking about list building in general. I will get really specific since I am mainly addressing to speakers, trainers and course creators.

– Who are your ideal clients. (And it is not about the classic avatar that you hear about everywhere.)
– WHERE you can find them.
– What problems the ideal clients have and what words they are using.
– Techniques for you to build relevant content in such a way that solves that problem that you identified.
– How to break your content into dozens of smaller pieces of content
– Choosing ONE platform and using that for ONE year consistently.

And you know the BEST part? 


This is not all!

I will also guide you through e-mail lessons, making sure you have the support you need to start implementing my list building strategy and get your first 1000 subscribers!

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