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Daniela Nica

I’m Daniela Nica – a speaker, trainer, coach, mentor and entrepreneur who specializes in business mindset, human psychology, and business building. My core message on my journey of inspiring millions of people is this:

The way I achieved the “impossible” was always by taking the next possible step. And I am no better than you are. So I will show you the steps, tools and process to inspire you discover the power that has been within you the whole time. I will always model this for you and will never talk without walking my talk. I will do it afraid, show you what I do and teach you how I have done it.

I speak to inspire, not to motivate.

I believe you are already motivated. You just need a path to follow and a real model to learn from and be inspired by.

When you see me doing it and speaking about it, you will have a mirror that will reflect your brilliance. You will have the evidence that you can do it, too; that you have endless possibilities; that you just have to choose how and at what level you will manifest your potential; that you are empowered.

Before running a successful online business, travelling around the world, speaking on stage in 4 different languages across countries, working with thousands of clients in over 20 countries and dozens of different programs on business mindset and business building… before all the “luck”  that I have now… everything was different, to say the least. I failed multiple times. I struggled financially. I doubted myself. I had unhealthy habits. I wish I could say that I started from scratch, but I actually started from minus… I used to peel potatoes for a living after college, because that was what my programming told me I deserved. So… from Peeling Potatoes, to Pizza Maker, to Starting a Successful MLM to then becoming a John Maxwell Team Faculty Mentor and then the President of Empowered Living Romania and Empowered Living Italy… all this by constantly doing the next possible step, even when the next step was to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in mentoring fees, travels to attend conferences or just meet a next future friend and build a strong network.