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There is a beautiful duo that I truly believe represents the secret to any successful person and business: Mindset and Marketing. I strongly believe that Marketing is vital, but… Mindset eats Marketing at breakfast.

I get to see so many gifted people who don’t APPLY online marketing strategies, and therefore they DON’T grow their e-mail list, they don’t build their businesses and don’t change their lives.

The truth is… Without a good mindset, you won’t even be open to learn about marketing and you will always postpone taking the necessary steps for your success.

This is why every time you receive something from me, it will have mindset tips so that we make sure you fuel your life transformation from the inside out. 

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10 Quick Steps to Stop Postponing & Start Doing.

On our way to fulfilling our dreams, one of the biggest gaps is the one between what we know and what we do… so we postpone. We procrastinate. We find a million other “more urgent” things to do, instead of doing THAT thing that would bring us closer to our dream.

It seems like an easy to solve problem. Information is everywhere and you could easily find a bunch of solutions for your “HOW TO” problems with a simple Google search. So why are we not all rich, thin and happy? Well… this is where mindset comes in. 

Until your beliefs, feelings and behaviors are in the right place, you will just collect information without applying it. And that’s just sad… The bridge between what we know and what we do becomes possible to cross once our Mindset gets on the right track.

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7 Simple Strategies to Growing Your E-mail List.

Want a peek behind the “curtain”?
Find out the 7 strategies that helped me build an email list of 100,000 people and made me half a million dollars in the past year!
The importance of a list is often underestimated and remains an unexplored and deeply forgotten gold mine for many entrepreneurs.

  • You will understand the importance of an email list and its HUGE impact
  • What are the specific steps to build a community of people who follow and love you for your story
  • How to build a GOOD list in order to get a BIG list.
  • A process of research and clarification of your WHY and the needs & desires of your audience.
  • What is a lead magnet and how you make it useful and efficient.

Download my free “7 Simple Strategies to Growing your E-mail List” e-book that will help you grow your email list, and thus, your profit.


Hi, Daniela here!

I’m Daniela Nica – a speaker, trainer, coach, mentor and entrepreneur who specializes in business mindset, human psychology, and business building. My core message on my journey of inspiring millions of people is this:

The way I achieved the “impossible” was always by taking the next possible step. And I am no better than you are. So I will show you the steps, tools and process to inspire you discover the power that has been within you the whole time. I will always model this for you and will never talk without walking my talk. I will do it afraid, show you what I do and teach you how I have done it.

I speak to inspire, not to motivate.

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